Knowledge Building

The world is changing at a geometric pace. For us to keep up and compete we need to do today what others won’t.  If you doubt the level of change, I recommend you watch a couple of NVIDIA videos.

Learning, reading and consuming knowledge really is the currency of the future.

Quote of the Week:

Read 500 pages a week.  That is how knowledge builds up, like compound interest.  All of us can build our knowledge but MOST OF US WON’T PUT IN THE EFFORT. – Warren Buffet

For the record, Warren Buffet reads 80% of his work day everyday.  Now 90% of us can’t do that but we can allocate time to get better everyday.  I can guarantee that if you put in the effort then you can simply rise to the top 95% of the population fast.

Think about this.  What if you read a book on a subject that interested you and the author has 30 years of experience?  You can expose yourself to 30 years of work in a few hours.  That type of leverage is very powerful.

Think about it and enjoy your week.


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