Invest your Time

Do you know your unique ability?  If not, start thinking about it.  A good mental model to help is to break your activities down into three categories:
  • 1. Highly Annoying / Energy Draining
  • 2. Neutral
  • 3. Highly Pleasing / Energy Filling
Clearly all of us would enjoy living in #3.  Long term my goal is to reduce the time spent on #1 & #2 while investing more time in #3.  You should think about this as well.
If you are introverted and highly detailed and hate public speaking, the last thing you should be doing for the company is training and giving talks.  I realize this seems obvious but success is the study of the obvious.
Quote of the Week:
Don’t spend your time, invest it
Give this some thought and start magnifying #3.  You will have less stress and more happiness with increased effectiveness.
Enjoy your week.

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Joe Mosed
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CEO DSS Corporation / Founder Equature Performance Suite Joe Mosed is a seasoned entrepreneur focused on profitable growth for all stakeholders including customers, team members and partners. His company serves the public safety market with the understanding that SECONDS SAVE LIVES.

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