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Kidney stones are a global affliction causing a great deal of morbidity and economic loss1 The prevalence of nephrolithiasis increases as societies become industrialized2,3,4 Thereforethe worldwide burden is likely to increase in future yearsA method to prevent kidney stones would be an obvious benefitExisting treatments with evidence that supports their long term efficacy to prevent calcium oxalate kidney stones include dietary and lifestyle changesas well as chronic use of one of three medicationsthiazidespotassium citrateand allopurinolNo new treatments have been established in decadesand these that are available have inherent problems related to patient compliancecosteffectiveness and side effectsThereforea preventive treatment that would be easy to takelow in costsafe and effective would be highly desirable.

Computerized tomography Cystone Herb Kidney calculi Nephrolithiasis Quantitative CT Supersaturation.

1 Department of Cell Biology and Biochemistry2 Department of Microbiology3 Medical Services and Clinical TrialsResearch and DevelopmentThe Himalaya Drug CompanyBangaloreIndia.

Protective effects of cystonea polyherbal ayurvedic preparationon cisplatin-induced renal toxicity in rats.

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