03 Self Health: Vending Machine Vendetta

A� A�A�Most businesses have one, ita��s a huge evil machine tempting you with promises of tasty unhealthy snacks. It lures you in with sugary sweets and salty chips but also gives your body harmful substances. These harmful chemicals can take a toll on your body and lead to health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Be smart, be healthy, and conquer your vending machine.


A�A�A� In a job like dispatching where youa��re spending long hours in a chair, an unhealthy snack from the vending machine is the last thing your body needs. Your body converts the food you eat into useful energy to use throughout the day. Click salter mcguinness to find more detailed information.A�When you eat unhealthy foods, your body struggles to make energy out of it and you often feel tired and groggy. On the contrary, when you give your body nutritious food it gives you the energy to be upbeat and focused. Think about this next time you see that vending machine lurking in the breakroom.

A�A�A� Now saying youa��re going to avoid the vending machine is one thing, but actually doing it is something very different. Being a candy fanatic, I know how hard it is to nibble on carrots when therea��s Skittles nearby. However, the healthy choices you make today will keep you out of the doctora��s office tomorrow. Luckily, there are some things you can do to curve your vending machine addiction.

  • a�?Unpowera�? yourself. Vending machines have one weakness, they only work when you put money into them. Try leaving your money in the car or even at home. If you dona��t have money, you cana��t use the vending machine.
  • Pack snacks. If you bring your own snacks from home you wona��t need to buy them at work. Try packing some healthier snacks at home to nibble on while on the job. This way, you can save money and avoid the vending machine. Just be sure to pack healthy!
  • Drink water. When youa��re dehydrated, your body will feel hungry. When you keep your body hydrated, youa��ll feel fuller and more energetic throughout the day. Which in turn can steer you away from the tasty temptations.

When working in Public Safety it is crucial to take care of yourself. How can you save the lives of others if you dona��t keep yourself in good health? Remember, Seconds Save Lives works both ways. For more tips on how to take care of #1, purchase the Learning on Demand course, How to Save a Life – Yours! and check out our website, www.dispatchimprovement.com for more information.


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